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1. This Website is presented by First Excelsior Limited, however some of the references on the website are provided by Excelsior Software and IT 

2. Any financial references on this Website to Excelsior are references to First Excelsior Limited B.V. – Curacao

3. The information on this Website is preliminary and general information only. It is subject to change at any time. You must not rely on it as being complete, accurate, or up to date. You should obtain independent professional legal and/or financial advice before you rely on any of the information.

4. Information on this site has been prepared in accordance with international law for the supply of services in global scope.

5. First Excelsior Limited is not, in this Website, making any offer to enter into any transaction or relationship with you. For full details of up to date service information, charges, interest rates, terms and conditions, and any special offers you should visit with a First Excelsior Limited representative as a result of the submission of applications for services presented on the First Excelsior website.

6. First Excelsior is not responsible for the information on any other Website accessed via this site other than the First Excelsior site; that information is the responsibility of the owner of that Website. First Excelsior has no control over it. Links to other Websites are provided for convenience only and do not represent any endorsement by First Excelsior of the services offered by the site owner.

7. Please contact First Excelsior for prior permission if you wish to create a hypertext link to any page on this First Excelsior Website. If you create a link to the First Excelsior Website, you remain fully responsible for any consequences of that link, whether direct or indirect and you will protect First Excelsior against all loss, damage, liability, costs or expense arising from or in connection with the link.

8. When transmitting your personal information over the Internet, you should remember that the Internet is not a secure environment. Any personal information you transmit to First Excelsior may be used by First Excelsior to provide information to you about the full range of financial services offered by First Excelsior and its related companies, as well as to assist First Excelsior create a statistical picture of its customers. First Excelsior will take steps to ensure your personal information is held securely by First Excelsior, and you may request access to, and correction of, all such information by contacting First Excelsior’s privacy officer.

9. The copyright in this site is owned by First Excelsior Limited. You may electronically reproduce and store the site’s contents solely for the purposes of viewing the site, or saving its content. However, if you want to display or distribute the content or any of the pages of the site in public or in such a way that they will be accessible to the public (including reproduction in any form on the Internet), you must first obtain First Excelsior’s permission.

10. Access to First Excelsior E-Services is restricted to authorised users only. Unauthorised users may be subject to criminal or civil prosecution under international laws or under the laws of the country from which unauthorised access took place.

August 12, 2015

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